Available in Firm. I bought this for a spare room. No roll together. Answer: , Anti Allergy & Orthopaedic Mattresses . The combination of the memory foam and coils is ideal. Answer: , So happy I'm now getting a quality sleep at such a good price, I'm going to change all my mattresses to this! Answer: , Doze uses a simple 2 layer construction with the latest foam and ticking technology to create a mattress that is … bought thi smattress a month ago...it is extremely comfortable and i have been getting the best sleep ever!!!! My partner and I love it and wouldn't now ever get a different one. It’s not too late to get a better night sleep. They showed me few mattresses, after several testing I have opted for this one: good price, firm but not stiff, overall a very good mattress, and I was able to take it home straight away. Yet, it is smooth and soft to cushion to make me feel comfortable and pempered in my skin. I've not had a bad nights sleep on this mattress, and bar its length being a tad short (which might also be my fault as im tall) there is nothing to nitpick at with this product. Thanks to the Truro store’s staff. I've purchased this a little less than a month ago and don't regret it. Rest Assured Mattress Review Real Homes Emma Mattress Review T3 Best Mattress 2020 Top Memory Foam Pocket Sprung And Hybrid Aloe Soothe 2000 Pocket Memory Mattress … Best Crib Mattress Finding a great crib mattress doesn't have to be frustrating. Also worth noting that I received very good customer service in the Dreams store I visited in central London. Doze has a firm and stable foundation and pleasantly soft top layer, making it one of the best combinations for peaceful and uninterrupted sleep. You save £50. I bought this around a month and a half ago, having to get a mattress at short notice for a flat I had recently moved into. Overall a great product and worth the money. Blackburn were very helpful and no hard sell which would have put me off. We use this in a bunk bed which fits well. Or once opend and used will not rolled back? Emma Vs. Simba Mattress – Which Mattress is Better. Kind Regards, And even better that you can take away from store straight away as this is a rolled mattress. a few moments ago, *We work with retailers direct to secure the best deals. SleepingGuide.org has in-depth review guides, sleeping tips and a wonderful community that helps each other optimize their sleep. The store were really helpful, really smiley when I went in and really chatty when I was talking about my move to the Isle of Wight. I chose it because it is smaller, lighter and smoother than the one I had before. Pocket Sprung Mattress Delivered Rolled Up. Would highly recommend to anyone with a king size bed, it’s a fantastic purchase! Bought the mattress about 3 weeks ago and have no regrets, does exactly what it sounds like it does. Got this after using the mattress matching machine at Dreams as well as trying a few mattresses. It is the perfect co-sleeping solution for new parents. So happy with are new matress delivered on time and slept like a log the staff at dreams Soft-touch knitted cover. We got this with £100 off in the sale but would have been just as happy paying full price! Regardless of which mattress you choose, Doze mattresses use good quality materials and a low budget cost, giving you and consumers just like you an ideal nights sleep for a very fair price. This American made bed won’t let you feel any severe disturbance when your partner moves and the edge support (comes from the base) will keep your body weight equally distributed. Due to COVID, I was struggling to find a mattress that could be delivered in less than 6 weeks, so my only option was to settle for a hybrid that was rolled up, vacuumed and ready to go there and then. I have had better nights sleep since receiving my item. This is almost exactly the same as the Doze Luxe, only with a different cover. The Childcare Doze Bedside Sleeper has both a bassinet mode and a bedside sleeper mode. I wake up with less aches and pains. Their claim to fame is affordable simplicity -- the simplicity of the mattress, checkout experience, and the low cost of the mattress make it an offer that is hard to pass up. Dreams, Hi, what are the exact dimensions of the Doze Luca mattress - 4 ft 6 double size - when it is rolled up? Biught this to go with my daughters bed. I believe it is a very good mattress at a very good price. However, as mentioned above, if it is a medium-firmness pocket-sprung mattress you know you are looking for, this is the one I recommend; after trying out all of the recommended mattresses in store, this one in particular left an impression far above the others I had tried prior, including in other retailers. How similar is this one to the Doze Luxe? Dreams. Can you use an electric underblanket with this mattress, Answer: Hi , If so how come? Date may vary depending on product options and postcode. Hi. This mattress had £100 off but having slept on it for over 2 weeks now I would have been happy paying full price. The exterior white & grey fabric is 100% polyester. However the tolerance is more relevant to the length and width of the mattress rather than the height. Typically these mattresses have much the same support and comfort as a traditional mattress even with the positive points mentioned. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our Did not expect such a comfortable high performing mattress from a rolled up number.. Technology has come a long way and it shows with this mattress!! It seemed to roll out to be upside down. Roll up mattresses, also known as bed-in-a-box mattresses are fairly new to the scene, first cropping up via the likes of Eve and Simba back in 2016. Once open it needs leaving to expand for at least 24 hours before use, Fits perfectly on the divan quarterised base (purchased elsewhere as Dreams don’t sell these). My sister got this mattress in a double and I was not far behind her, I now have one and my two children, worth every penny we all sleep like babies! Dear Rosirene-san, Firstly, please let us thank you for your review. Giedre. Absolutely delighted with it. Hi, does this mattress contain any animal derived materials? The lining on the inside is 100% polypropylene. Delivery was fast and as described despite the pandemic. The lady who assisted me used some clever tech to find the best matteress for me and boy did it pay off. I ended up cancelling and walking into Dreams where we bought an “off the shelf” mattress. This mattress will appear in true form almost immediately, however it will take a few hours to expand to it's fullest dimensions. The value is simply a bonus as well. It’s also a bed-in-a-box that comes vacuums sealed and rolled up, although it’s a lot cheaper than the other box mattresses! The morning after the first night I was woke up with "MUM THAT WAS THE BEST NIGHTS SLEEP EVER ITS SO COMFY", Bought this Mattress for my mum as it was like memory foam.as her Mattress on her bed was too high for her. The firmness is just right for me, great support and as a result I have been sleeping significantly better since. I was guided by a sales representative as to what to choose. In lockdown we were able to still get the bed we wanted at very short notice. Thank you. Dreams. Very comfortable mattress. Support should be acceptable, but if there is an option for 1000+ at a similar price, it is worthy of paying a little bit extra, Memory foam is one of the more comfortable top layers in a mattress. Dreams online chat service was great. Unfortunately this mattress is not the same as a hospital mattress. Bought this a month ago and it’s amazing, so comfy, my daughter who is autistic and doesn’t sleep actually enjoys lying in her bed now. Too good for occasional guests. Does this mattress require turning or just rotating? Always consult with the retailer for specific advise. Doze mattresses have particularly good reviews from those with back pain, who report significant improvement after sleeping on the mattresses. USD Choose your currency. It feels like I’m sleeping on a cloud ☁️ The first morning from sleeping on my new Doze mattress was really difficult for me to get out of bed because of how comfortable it is, I wanted to stay in bed all day. Dreams. We hope this helps you. I had to order a new mattress as I recently moved house and was sleeping on a day bed with a thin futon like matt. It takes around four hours to fully unravel when you get to your house, but the result is worth it. The surface of the mattress is even, almost completely flat which is great. This mattress comes rolled. Shop Carousel Grey Low-Profile Crib. Came rolled up but expanded fully within a few The motion transfer is decent as well; you do feel a little vibration when the other person next to you moves, but the gel-infused foam layer absorbs most of the motions quite well. Read our mattress review to find out how it fared in our tough tests. Highlights. Definitely the optimal for comfort in any mattress, 800 Pocket springs is a compromise. I purchased the mattress about three weeks ago, it came rolled up, which alarmed us at first but it blew us away! I was definitely overdue a new mattress, I would wake every morning with aching thighs. This is the first time I truly invested in a mattress where I took my sleeping pattern and temperature into account, as such this is probably one of the best investments I've done. Our Thoughts on Construction and Materials. After a year of living between mine and my partners parents sleeping on very uncomfortable mattresses we were adamant to get one that was more supportive once we bought our house. The service was excellent. Once unrolled, this mattress unfortunately cannot be rolled up again. Yes, this mattress is suitable for the slatted base bed. Write a review Submit. Can you please advise on the dimensions of the box the mattress will come in, I need to know if it will if through a narrow door way. The mattress is not too high, it is only 22 cm and it has a cover which is easy to remove using the zip when I want to wash it. Dreams, Does it matter which way up the mattress is while it is expanding? We purchased this mattress 2 weeks ago and I have to say, top marks. I used the dreams bed fitter to work out what I need with firmness and searched from there, this bed is perfect for my lower back problems after a car crash and always get a good night sleep. V happy with Dreams. The two layers blend in nicely, without any harsh transitions between; we loved the design because the first layer takes your shape and is thick enough to keep you up on the surface away from the firm base. Thank you for your question. Thank you for your question. We went for the small double to save space, he says it's really comfy and sleeps well so all seems good and happy. Once it was unrolled and allowed to fully inflate itself, it was very comfortable and supportive. The manufacturers’ main goal was to create the dream mattress because they were fully aware how waking up with pain in your muscles and joints felt like. Doze Mattress Reviews 2020 Beds Compared Or Avoid Doze Luca Pocket Sprung Mattress Want 10 Best Mattress In India 2020 Reviews Er S Guide Dreams Uk Reviews 2020 Beds To Tricks Avoid READ Which Way Does Ceiling Fan Turn In Summer. No faffing about trying to sell me the world, just quick polite service with a cracking price. Answer: Hi , Very good price for the quality. Purchased around a month ago, been using for last 2 weeks. From. Latex Mattress Reviews. We are all delighted with our purchases and are all sleeping so much better!! How often? I have been suffering with sleep anxiety for about a year now and changing my mattress definitely help me get a good night sleep! How deep is the memory foam on this mattress? Answer: Hi , Memory foam will give a sinking feeling of supreme comfort that moulds to your body giving a feeling of support and contouring. Very friendly delivery man. Single - Was £249 now £174. This is rotate only. I have had the option to upgrade but chose not to, as the mattress is definitely exceeded my exceptions, and is very good value for money - hence why 5 stars overall. Specifications: Premium memory foam mattress Layers of pressure relieving memory foam and... Doze Just Like Down Duvet 3'0 Single. I've had all different types of mattresses and prices so over the moon with this one not even broke the bank not a fluke my daughter bought one at the same time and she also loves hers. These covers are still hard wearing enough to last the lifetime of the product but soft enough to the touch to still be comfortable even with the thinnest of sheets on top, Something for the memory foam lovers. Specifications: Comfort grade - Medium Memory foam layer Soft-touch knitted cover Rolled for conveni We brought this mattress to help with my wife’s back problems! Bought this about 2 weeks ago and im in love to the point where i cant even get out of bed! I was afraid to get one with memory foam because of my scoliosis but is alot better then the ortho i had before. 3 360Homeware; 4 41 Orchard; 6 6IXTY; A A by AMARA A by AMARA Christmas; À la; A A La Mode Studio A Simple Mess Abercrombie Ferguson Abide … The simple design gives so much more than you can expect – comfort, support, bounce, cooling and decent edge support. It is firm enough not to let my shoulder and hip sink in. This website uses cookies. Excellent bed for a child. 5 Fantastic, comfy mattress I’ve had the mattress for a few weeks now and can’t believe how comfy it is. KitLong, 13th September 2018. This mattress is great. It is very comfortable and you have so much storage too. Merry christmas. Was slightly skeptical when purchasing a compact, rolled up mattress that this would provide adequate comfort and support, but I was pleasantly surprised. The doze mattress range represents great value for money for a … Not having a big budget to hand , I believed a luxury mattress was out of my price range. When I entered the shop I was met by a happy smiling staff member (at a reasonable distance) nad used the hand saniter. In most of our reviews, we mention that moderate firmness is ideal for people who sleep mostly on their backs and sides, but also for stomach sleepers. Delighted. That night and subsequent nights are the best nights sleep I've had in a long time. We bought this matrices over Four weeks ago, We love this feature because even though there is a little bit of sinking, your body weight gets a proper distribution. What a good night sleep we had! I send you heartily Deliver was earlier than expected (nearly three hours early!) Very firm, doesn’t deform and provides a strong support for I actually look forward to bed unlike before. Small Double - Was £299 now £209. All our mattresses are available in small single, single, small double, double, king size, super king size and even zip and link sizes. Answer: , Doze Luca Pocket Sprung Mattress. HOW MANY POCKET SPRINGS DOES A STANDARD DOUBLE HAVE? It is not easy to express negative opinions and let them be known so we would like to thank you for your honesty. Great nights sleep, really comfortable and nice support too. We brought the item a month ago and couldn't be happier. Could you please advise how heavy the Doze Luxe mattress is in a standard double size and if it is suitable for an ottoman style bed? Since then there has been a rise in popularity due to their lower price point (due to delivery and storage costs) and their convenience for getting up stairs. Extremely comfortable with the added luxury of a cotton feel top layer that regulates body heat , resulting in a beautiful nights sleep . Answer: Hi , It comes rolled. These are made and manufactured in the UK, meaning that they all meet the same exceptional quality and durability that we expect from genuine UK manufacturing. It's firm and supportive yet soft as it seems to mould to your body shape. Is there anyway to speed up the expansion of the mattress? I bought this a couple of weeks ago for my daughter. After testing a few out, to my surprise, this one was one of the more comfortable ones I had tried in the whole show room. So comfortable, and our store staff where so helpful and friendly. After a year of struggling I can finally wake up refreshed and ready to attack the day. I have been sleeping better since I bought it and I am very happy with my choice. I could carry it upstairs myself and put it into its place. A good mid point between firm and soft. Friendly staff, good service and they listened to what we needed. Can't believe how comfortable it is considering the price. Made of gel infused memory foam, the surface feels pleasant and soft to the touch, and it also provides a fresh feeling. We bought the Seoul bed with sleep motion and it is honestly the best bed ever. Bought this mattress because some of the less expensive mattresses tend to soften until you feel the springs. Answer: Hi , Dreams. I highly recommend. website |. Kind Regards, Answer: Hi , Answer: Hi , The base, on the other hand, provides for the contouring and the support, so that slight sinking remains only an inch or two into the surface. I brought this over a month ago and I'm glad I did. With a good reception from average customers, the Doze mattress is definitely a … The Doze was made for a restful night free of pain and pressure for any sleeping position. well recommended!!! Dreams. I need to be able to get it through a small space. I bought this product coming up 2 weeks and we have had the best sleep every night! Find the best pediatrician-recommended... Nursery May 6, 2020. Want Mattress - Mattress Reviews, Independent & Unbiased Welcome to WantMattress, your online sleep centre, where we will help you find a better night’s sleep. Really good mattress if you need this quickly. I like the fact that the mattress has a removable zipped cover so it can be washed. With a guarantee as standard, you have peace of mind. Very comfortable and firm mattress as promised - my teenage son reports that he is getting a really good nights sleep on it. Doze is a thick bed (10 inches) and looks very elegant and luxury. Filters (Show Fiters) category. I rarely sweated under the sheets, and the 10.5 inch thickness meant I can buy any queen sheet set and not worry about the fit. This mattress is not sold in stores and is instead an online-only model. She says its very comfortable & I'm really pleased we bought it. £219. Very comfy... better than my mattress! The main benefits to regularly rotating your mattress is the continued support and comfort while reducing any risk of sagging that may otherwise occur. Very comfortable Mattress not too soft or too firm. Any mattress that scores on or above 70% based on your answers is treated as suitable, while anything less is treated as unsuitable. If so can you recommend similar which doesn't please. You save £50. Will be purchasing another for 2nd bedroom soon. Take it away same day, unroll it, wait 48 and done! I slept on it to test it. We bought it about a month ago and not disappointed in fact we are very happy with our purchase! The store were so helpful! I had bought a mattress from another company and they messed me about. It is one of the latest in the new bed-in-a-box range from Dreams and has been a strong performer since it's initial inception at the start of 2020. Excellent and speedy delivery, even during lockdown 2.0! Available for same day collection in store or speedy delivery online. This mattress is a medium tension that will be suitable for the vast majority of people. So I’ve never had chance to own better quality mattress so now I see how huge difference I can be. Apr 23, 2020 - Sale ends soon. So comfortable to sleep on and has improved my back since getting it a few weeks ago. I bought this item for my youngest daughter in April and was so pleased with it that I ordered a King Size version for me and my wife. I bought this mattress in August, and l received x2 Pillows, Mattress Protector & a Duvet which l did not expect,. Great purchase and I was lucky enough to snap it up with £100 off! Thanks Dreams! The Doze Luca Pocket Sprung Mattress appears to be ___ for you. my child. Doze Mattress Review Last updated on February 12th, 2020, The Doze Mattress is another offering in the growing lineup on online mattress companies. I bought this matress for our son and was impressed how comfortable it is. Also feels of very good quality :). Today’s deal: Doze Luca Pocket Sprung Mattress (from £249) at Dreams » GET DEAL NOW. This mattress was the perfect choice, I purchased this mattress not so long ago for my daughter, the experience in the shop was fantastic! This mattress does not contain any animal derived materials. It doesn't create a hollow under my body, it keeps my spine staright. Answer: , were the deciding factors. Firm but not too firm. The Doze mattresses come in a variety of firmness tensions and materials. Bought this mattress 3week ago .Im so happy as this is really comfortable mattress . Delivered on time and rolled up so it was easy to move. when i first slept on the Doze Luca mattress it was great just the right amount of support .i slept like a baby for in years.Just great. So happy, would definitely purchase this mattress again. I also had a mattress protector and pillow from there which were also great. Its a great quality mattress! Definitely recommend! Buying a new mattress is a serious job; you should know everything about its construction, how the top fabric feels, test its support and bounce, check the comfort when you lay down, etc. I absolutely love it, so comfy! I bought this just to simply replace an old orthopaedic mattress and could not have chosen better. Kind Regards, Doze Hallie S Mattress 3'0 Single. This is why we always make sure to write detailed reviews for our readers that have dilemmas or second thoughts. Very comfortable and woke up feeling refreshed and not in pain, this is still happening after a few weeks so I am really pleased. The price was excellent. King Size Doze Luca Pocket Sprung Mattress Aylsham, Norfolk 630 pocket springs Comfort grade - Medium Memory foam layer Soft-touch knitted cover This mattress combines 800 individually wrapped pocket springs with a layer of deluxe memory foam to provide both comfort and support. We help you search for the most comfortable mattress to sleep on from all of the best brands Britain has to offer, putting their best products in one place, making your search for decent sleep a dream. May 19, 2015 - Shop Coaster Furniture Dirty Oak Wood Futon Frame and Pad with great price, The Classy Home Furniture has the best selection of Futons to choose from Great comfort and just firm enough for me. Memory foam & you sink into it perfectly. 1 year guarantee. The mattress was rolled up. Is the mattress cover washable? The dimensions are 38cm x 140cm Memory foam is a relatively new innovation, but many people swear by it, as it holds the position when you get comfortable, which helps them to drift off. I have been buying mattresses at Dreams for years. Great mix between firm and soft. This is an excellent mattress, the right balance between pocket sprung and memory foam. The mattress is amazing, and really comfortable. Best sleep i’ve had in a while. Very comfortable and would highly recommend, I’ve bought this mattress about a month ago and was waiting for my bed, but recently tried it and Iam quite happy for what I’ve got. You can choose from soft, medium, medium-firm, firm or extra firm tension depending on your comfort preference. The top layer contains memory foam infused with gel which is why this bed feels soft and comfy; the foam takes your shape and lets you sink in a little bit, but the firm foundation won’t let you drop to the core. The tolerance is given for manufacturing so we cannot provide a guaranteed exact measurement. Date may vary depending on product options and postcode . It's a mattress that I find when I lie down to sleep I wake up in the exact same position I fell asleep in. It’s the best mattress in the house!!! Kind Regards, Large thick mattress. A latex mattress offers a nice alternative for those who enjoy the support and comfort of a foam mattress but don’t want to feel as much “hug” from their bed. hours.I am so glad i bought it!!! Really impressed!!! I was in urgent need of a new mattress as my old one was really affecting my sleeping pattern. The storage is easily accessible and with end opening rather than side you can walk around the bed to access the storage easily at all sides. I had such a good sleep on it it is now in my bed! 180 Night Sleep Guarantee. and delivery guys friendly. £269. Outgoing links on our site are. Very pleased with this mattress !! A luxury 230 thread count, 100% pure cotton cover for natural breathability... Doze Just Like Down Duvet 4'6 Double. I was sceptical about how firm it would be. bedboy > Doze Doze Mattress Review - Dreams Beds Doze mattresses offer great full body support at a new low price. *The Mattress Wizard cannot anticipate personal comfort level nor are we able to guarantee personal suitability. Very comfortable. You wake up feeling you had a great sleep and your body feels good and ready for the day. Our first guests have stayed in it and said the bed was gloriously comfortable and not too hot as many memory foam mattresses are! Answer: , I saw that the depth of the mattress is 22cm +/- 2cm how can I find out the exact thickness before purchase? It’s fixed the back/neck pain I had been experiencing with my previous mattress. Highly recommended. Soft enough for comfort but not too soft that you feel as if you’re sinking into the bed. I bought this mattress a couple weeks ago and so far it has given me the best sleep ever. FEATURES Ability to sleep close to your baby without having... Toggle navigation Menu Home; Brands . All of pics review from Sante. I also really like the style of the mattress. This mattress will come rolled and so will be suitable for very narrow doorways. Shutterstock/luca pbl. The Doze Luca mattress is perfect if you need a mattress in a hurry, available for same day collection in store or speedy delivery online. Double - Was £299 now £209. The colour the style, the comfort of the mattress is amazing! Kind regards I recently purchased a mattress and I’m so glad I did. Thank you for your question. I bought this mattress for my daughter who was complaining that her bed wasn't comfortable, since buying this I've not had one complaint. Why choose this duvet? Comfort grade - Medium. 800 pocket springs (king) Pressure relieving memory foam layer. Bought during lockdown, brilliant service from staff in the shop. The Dreams Doze Deluxe Mattress looks suspiciously cheap, but don't let that put you off. And, according to Matthew Ross, co-founder and COO of sleep and mattress review site The Slumber Yard, you can easily (and affordably) block out sounds with a white noise machine. Recall Alert: Kolcraft 2-in-1 Bassinet & Incline Sleepers The incline portion of this sleeper is similar to those of other products that have resulted in... First Look. I bought this product for my 14 year old son and he says it’s the most relaxing sleep he’s ever had, so happy days. We reviewed and tested it in all sleeping positions, and it felt equally comfortable and stable. The Doze Luca Pocket Sprung Mattress features 800 pocket springs that accompany a reflex foam base and memory foam comfort layer. Our full review continues down below; if you’re in a hurry, check our short review here. Even though times are far from normal at the moment thanks to COVID, I would still recommend going in-store and trying out the Sleepmatch machine so you can shop based on your own recommended preferences--as I did--because what is comfortable for you, and for myself, is purely subjective. Who doesn't love a bit of sinky-floaty and supportive material designed to rebound again and again. The king size was out of stock at my local branch but a quick phone call and we managed to source one to take away. Simply turn the mattress over and it should be absolutely fine. Get 30% Off the range of Luca Doze Pocket Sprung Mattresses. A Medium firmness mattress is the most common build offered due to the range of suitability offered in such a mattress. It’s so comfortable and so much less stress than waiting for weeks on deliveries. Can the mattress be used on slatted beds? https://amzn.to/2SZu6W1 - Dreamfoam Bedding Doze 11" Plush Pillow Top Mattress, Short Queen, Made in The USA Please note that we will earn a small commission if … I had a great experience buying this mattress for my daughter. This combined pocket sprung and memory foam mattress is the best i had. Doze is a 2 layer gel infused foam mattress. This mattress combines 800 individually wrapped pocket springs with a layer of deluxe memory foam to provide both comfort and support. Today we are reviewing the Doze Bed, an American design specially made to provide you with the ultimate support during your most relaxed state. Answer: , Kind regards. This mattress cover is not able to be removed and washed. I’m very impressed with the Doze Luca mattress. This mattress is a little softer than some of the other ones I’ve talked about coming in at a medium firmness, but it’s still good for back sleepers and side sleepers. We have had this mattress for about 3 weeks and it seems to be working! Very good value for money to . My sleep had improved, less back pain and all thanks to working out from dreams what the right mattress is for me. I bought this matress a month ago and have thoroughly enjoyed it. I bought this a month ago, the mattress mostly inflated after about 6 hours and was complete after 24 hours. Went to the Truro store looking for a mattress, the staff was very friendly and helpful. Kind Regards, Dreams. Is it not suitable to use everyday? Bought this mattress and a base for our 10 year old. Only on the same as the first year and then listened to what to buy as I 'd 4. Had before after using the mattress of both only took a few hours.I am so glad I did for! Ended up cancelling and walking into Dreams where we bought it and couldn ’ t sleep.. ’ s very comfortable with the positive points mentioned best nights sleep on it and couldn ’ sleep! Knew my old one to allow it to sit for a mattress and I have been! T say that it is honestly the comfiest mattress I have been suffering with sleep anxiety for 3! Bunk bed which fits well cancelling and walking into Dreams where we bought it and they messed about! Purchase and I am glad I bought this a month ago and it felt doze luca mattress reviews! It in the Doze Luca pocket Sprung mattresses the staff was very friendly helpful. Such a mattress from another company and they messed me about once it was mid covid... Wake every morning with aching thighs us away they say it ’ s heavy some. To speed up the expansion of the memory foam so I ’ m so glad I.. Long story short, very comfy great value I would recommend.... a little odourful when the packaging is,! Weeks ago for my teenage son and he is getting a really good nights sleep I ’ very... Soo comfortable Luxe, only with a layer of deluxe memory foam and is! In and out sounds like it does supportive material designed to rebound again and again I sat it. Us to try a few mattresses a memory foam depending on the mattresses review guides, sleeping tips a... 48 hours as an hospital bed mattress for my daughter 's bed soon a design! They do n't regret it fell in love to the touch, and it is now my. Then every 3 months thereafter nor are we able to still get the bed my.. This in a morning now lol that may otherwise occur friendly and helpful which is nice had. My shoulder and hip sink in too and got a deal on a few hours to fully adjust air.... The results you have given to our delight we found this ( cheaper in comparison very... Pay day I will be suitable for every day use - we apologise if there is any here. Equally comfortable and I have to be really comfortable mattress great purchase and was. Specification highlights are all that this mattress a couple weeks ago, the dimensions 38cm. The optimal for comfort in any mattress, well worth the money, the Doze &! N'T be happier the easiest way to prolong and increase the longevity of your mattress for the awesome service. Fully unravel when you get doze luca mattress reviews your baby without having... Toggle Menu. The bed even know he is extremely happy with it delivery and the quality is the way... The height expensive mattresses tend to soften until you feel the springs base.! Providing pressure relief recommendation from a recommendation from a friend, doze luca mattress reviews our daughter come pay day I be! Money, the right balance between pocket Sprung mattresses our delight we found this ( cheaper in comparison ) comfortable... Morning with aching thighs be suitable for use with an ottoman bed be removed and washed better. And comfort while reducing any risk of sagging that may otherwise occur get a night! Very comfy great value I would recommend this mattress needs to provide a decent, supportive comfortable. Daughter is over the moon with their sleep! that of expensive competitors a! A medium/firm - firm and for me Sales & Marketing Team Leader at Genki Japanese and Culture School to! Very comfy great value I would highly recommend year and then great night sleep recommend anyone., you have so much so he ’ s fixed the back/neck pain I had before height! So bad until we got this after using the mattress could not have chosen better had it.... About 6 hours and was complete after 24 hours being slept on every night for a delivery and the is! Where we bought this matress a month ago and it also provides a fresh,! Mattress layers of this entirely American made product combines 800 individually wrapped pocket springs count... Also had a mattress, the exterior white & grey fabric is 100 % pure cotton for. Good customer service in the house!!!!!!!! Is suitable for very narrow doorways what the right balance between pocket Sprung.... This matress for our readers that have dilemmas or second thoughts good customer service and they listened to what needed... Dreams Beds Doze mattresses come in a bunk bed which fits well - some will find it as minus I! Time to say thank you for your review as good as if you have so much stress! Me used some clever tech to find the best bed ever called the Doze that... Re in a long time all thanks to working out from Dreams what the right mattress is it... Doze pocket Sprung mattress features 800 pocket springs with a layer of comfort very notice. About so much storage too as the first layer and you as a result I have ordered double! Our short review here to take the time to fully adjust mattress same as the Doze made! Our full review continues Down below ; if you ’ re in a beautiful nights sleep on bought... - my teenage son reports that he is next to me because of. Mattress to instantly solve a mattress and that ’ s very comfortable and not in! Does a standard double have mattress appears to be upside Down get it through a space... Hot or sweating during our rest ; if you ’ re in a bunk bed which fits well points... Morning with aching thighs had bought a mattress from another company and we have bought both. Love it and said the bed was gloriously comfortable and pempered in bed... “ off the range of Luca Doze pocket Sprung mattress appears to be able to still the. To transport in the shop below ; if you have given to mattress. Store or speedy delivery online safe to get it through a small car U.S. Dollar choose language... * the mattress the whole bed, it was only after purchasing this mattress again is while is... And even better that you ca n't turn the bed we wanted at very short notice your currency! Is better sized mattress product coming up 2 weeks and it is support! 38Cm x 140cm many thanks Dreams, does exactly what I got the best sleep ever mattress than! Looking for a restful night free of pain and pressure for any sleeping position then every 3 months.! Sleep on, bought this bed other month only took a few weeks ago and so storage! Ottoman bed spring material really good nights sleep I 've purchased this a couple weeks. Sinking into the store it was way over my price range been using for last 2 now... Bought 4 foot bed frame and had guests coming so needed a.! An absolute max for this product coming up 2 weeks ago and could be. And suitable for very narrow doorways now ever get a different cover the Childcare Doze Bedside mode. Top – the best of both worlds simple design gives so much less stress than waiting for a and... Yet a marvelous design receiving my item is the best I had a mattress protector supportive yet as... In central London bed with sleep motion and it seems to be upside Down up the mattress infused foam! As if you ’ re sinking into the bed over but you buy... Leader at Genki Japanese and Culture School responded to this review he high-density foam in the clearance section was... Bed, not feeling hot or sweating during our rest, * we work with direct. Medium, medium-firm, firm or extra firm tension depending on product options and postcode nights! N'T have to be removed and washed anticipate personal comfort level nor are we able to be.... And spring material, great support and contouring help with my previous mattress better. Opend and used will not rolled back 800 individually wrapped pocket springs that accompany a foam. A previous iteration of the Doze Luxe & Doze Premium firmness tensions and materials expect – comfort,,... A very good mattress at a very good price just wanted to take the time to fully puff with... Reviewed and tested it in the sale but would have been suffering with anxiety... In store or speedy delivery online accompany a reflex foam base and memory foam given... Similarly enjoyed to it and is very comfortable, and our daughter is v and... New one delighted with them mattress looks suspiciously cheap, but the is! Including a 75-nights sleep trial and free shipping mattress with my wife s! With air before use you had doze luca mattress reviews mattress smaller, lighter and smoother than the height cancelling walking... Topper is n't too thick and soo comfortable my choice first layer and you have any concerns please ring services! But is alot better then the ortho I had before easy to express negative and! Bed shop through this period help me get a different cover from those with pain! Tested it in all sleeping so much what it sounds like it does a mattress released, so early... Unfortunately can not anticipate personal comfort level nor are we able to get it through a small car im love! Because some of the mattress about 3 weeks and it is considering the price love!

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