Image: Hans Ulrich Bryner holding onto the back of the last wagon in this picture. The pioneers decided to let the sick rest while an advance company with 23 wagons and 42 men led by Orson Pratt scouted out the best route through the mountains. American Pioneers Crossing the Plains in Covered Wagons - stock illustration. In the spring of 1852, the spring after I was eight years old, we started to Oregon. Crossing the Great Plains in Ox-Wagons. It was painted by Lura Redd. But when crossing those treeless plains, women had no choice but to relieve themselves in the open. Pioneer Companies that Crossed the Plains 1847-1868 . traffic at the time.The weather, Indians, sickness, and accidents are all very real dangers on the road. It gives the person’s name, birth date and place, and death date. CROSSING THE PLAINS 2 I was born Nov. 23, 1843, in Pettis county, Missouri, near where the city of Sedalia now is, but there was no city there then, the county seat, Georgetown, was the nearest town from where our farm was. Mission Emigration Records [edit | edit source] Most of the trip was on well known (at the time) trails with bumper to bumper (wagon to wagon?) Total deaths: 1,910. Hans Ulrich Bryner Jr., the son of Hans Ulrich Bryner and Verena Wintsch was born in Zurich, Switzerland on April 22, 1827. We called it "crossing the plains." (Family History Library book Q973 V2rc; film 413034 item 2). Crossing the Plains. Summerhays thought there needed to be stones with the children’s names engraved on them and scenes representing the pioneers crossing the plains. The advance party found the Donner Trail, made the year before, and began to follow it. The image portrays the migration of pioneers into the West along the Oregon Trail. Overall Mortality Rate of Mormon Pioneers Crossing the Plains. The count of immigrants is tallied from known records and includes many for whom we have no name. The total of deaths excludes people whose death date is unknown; they are assumed to have survived the trail. With the afternoon start, they made three miles (5 km) and camped in a line a few hundred yards from a stand of timber. The source for this table is the Historical Resource Study: Mormon Pioneer National Historical Trail, pages 136-150 by Stanley B. Kimball, Ph.D, May 1991, United States Department of the Interior/National Park Service. By Harriet Scott Palmer, 1939. Remember, they were wearing long dresses, so it was possible to go to the bathroom with some degree of privacy. Vintage illustration features American pioneers migrating westward in hopes of securing land and building a prosperous life. Pioneers Crossing the Plains of Nebraska On April 5, 1847, at 2 p.m., the wagon train moved west from Winter Quarters toward the Great Basin. This is an alphabetical list of people who died along the trail. Oregon Trail pioneers pass through the sandhills, painting by William Henry Jackson. The young author includes enough geographical detail that one can plot the trip. Total immigrants: 56,042. But as the main group moved on, others were stricken with the fever. Days On The Road: Crossing The Plains In 1865 is a very good read. It includes only the pioneers who died crossing the plains whose temple work was not completed as of 1918. This video has President James E. Faust, President Thomas S. Monson and President Gordon B. Hinckley talking about the tremendous sacrifice that the Mormon pioneers made in crossing the plains. This iconic picture, Emigrants Crossing the Plains, one of his most popular, was painted as a direct result of studies that he made during land surveying trips made in the 1850s. Although I was but a girl of 11 years, I distinctly remember many things connected with that far-off time when all of our western country was a wilderness. This painting is in the Daughter’s of the Utah Pioneer Museum in Salt Lake City, Utah. The westward expansion of the United States is one of the defining themes of 19th century American history. Utah historian Juanita Brooks asked her grandmother about this; Mary Ann Stucki had been among the Mormon handcart pioneers who went West.

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