Actor Woo Do Hwan sat down for an interview recently to talk about his experience working on MBC’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Tempted” so far. I thought the drama was really good. In one picture, Woo Do Hwan is holding up a plate of rice omelet … Woo Do-hwan Biography. LOOOOOL for those who think TH and SH will end up together are up for a huuugeee surprise in the end. I want Si Hyun and Tae Hee to end up together ❤ I SHIPHONE SE JOO AND SOO JI TO DEATH AAAA. Beside this it's a pity how the friendship of those 3 end since those 3 character make me love watching the drama. Liar and his lover wasn't exactly the best drama but none of the actors messed up it was all the problem with the writing. The plot is literally going nowhere. Soo Ji may be a troublemaker, but it's not like she acts like that without her reasons. I don't , why I am getting a feeling that Choi Soo-Ji will get hurt in this drama. Watching this because of Wo Dohwan. I get this is more of a melodrama but i wanted to see the boy and girl have a real conversation and be more natural around each other but i couldnt because 95% of the drama was centered around the two other brats and meaningless company shit + past drama. As for Joy idk why everyone is so hard on her???! I’m not gonna talk about tlahl any further because this is Great Seducer and it’s a new page for her . I've never seen Joy in any other work so keen to catch up and support. Crazy Rich Koreans meets Cruel Intentions about sums it up. If I was TH, at this point I'd see my way the f*ck out of this relationship with SH. i dont know how to survive this week until the next eps release next week heelllllppp me !! He seduced me with Mad Dog and the teasers so promising!!! caratkat Mar 16 2018 5:50 am This drama is too excellence. I think she acts really great, yes maybe their is some moments where she is awkward but it's her second drama, she is new to this, i if you want to hate, go hating somewhere else, Soooo Mar 21 2018 2:17 pm I love this drama I'm sad that it's doing so bad rating wise in Korea It seems like it's doing better with international fans just comparing view counts on their official youtube account with other mbc drama its kind of like i am not a robot (another mbc drama) did bad in Korean too but was popular internationally too, I love Do Hwan and Joy and look forward to their future projects. Love this drama like so much! Joy is mine? Momo May 28 2020 10:42 am Bibi May 01 2018 2:08 pm Can't wait to see the next episodes and hoping for happy ending for everyone! Sarax95 Jun 08 2018 10:41 pm I can't understand why people hate Sooji so much when all she has done is trying to keep what she has. And viewers enjoyed some of their dramas. alicia May 02 2018 3:44 am I am fallin love with gayoung act here. loadbox(1); Honestly, unless she gets some serious acting lessons I hope she never gets a leading role like this again. And she got a lot of screen time too. she was the sweetest in the romantic scenes with dohwan and she slayed it in the crying scenes and the scene when she confronted sihyun was just great, appreciation May 03 2018 3:29 am The Great Seducer) is a 2018 South Korean television series starring Woo Do-hwan, Park Soo-young, Kim Min-jae, and Moon Ga-young.It is loosely based on the 1782 French novel Les Liaisons dangereuses by Pierre Choderlos de Laclos. They are not nice kids, not even close. -20th Century Boy and Girl, so Mar 13 2018 2:53 pm i’m so excited for this!!!! please want to see how will the love story of Si Hyun and Soo Ji will develop. The main reason i dropped this drama is because of Joy. I just hope this drama gets some high rates because I believe it deserves because Joy is a very busy idol, while she's working as a performing, she has do film this drama. Daebak!! What's up with all the idol actors hate? Im so excited to watch this!! Theanother Mar 16 2018 7:24 am On May 2, just a day after the end of MBC's 'Great Temptation', co-stars Woo Do Hwan and Moon Ga Young became wrapped up in dating rumors after one exclusive report by a media outlet. UrRoad Apr 09 2018 9:33 pm well this is my first time comment on a kdrama .... but i saw a lot want so ji with si hyun .... so i had to say ... they have a good chemistry and their acting is very good but i don't like her character ... i mean like she said that she did not want to use him but she actually doing that by making him hurt other people when he does not want that plus i get that she is mad of lee kyung but why to hurt another girl feeling to get what she want ..... she is so selfish .... i like eun tae hee character more regardless of who is playing it because she is not like hose type of heroin so strict nd all of that .... nd i think confessing her love to him is the best ... now that she loves him i want to see how she will react to when she now that he deceived her ...... i like the story over all nd this just my opinion .. i don't mind a tragedy strory ... so ki am cool if it did not end happily. Mantika Apr 11 2018 4:56 am Yuh Apr 11 2018 10:10 pm lyn Apr 11 2018 1:56 pm i will wait for this drama. Btw I want to watch it no matter what ? So glad the heroes beat the odds xoxo. Joy’s acting in this drama pretty much shown her way of transferring cute girl act like her previous drama. Have you ever tried watching her acting?, Why are the Ratings so low??! I'm so freaking happy I can't even process. As a french who loves literature, I obviously read Les liaisons dangereuses and I can say that he will do a marvellous job playing the part. They're perfect? He made his acting debut in 2016 in the drama Sweet Stranger and Me. I didn't think Joy and Dohwan (I really liked his acting in Save Me and Mad Dog) acting were bad, but to me, their scenes together and their characters were really boring to watch, they didn't have the chemistry. Can people stop using Hwayoung as an example --' Like please she was so mediocre in Mad Dog I was severely disappointed... she did had a good chemistry with Do Hwan but that was it, her acting is very limited.. Maddie Kove Dec 28 2017 8:18 am W4GRB.average_rating[1]=87; Ava Mar 20 2018 5:45 am With Shi Hyun and Tae Hee there was no romance and the show got really boring with all the drama. Please let si hyun and soo ji happy end up together W4GRB.user_rating=new Array(); Sam Apr 17 2018 7:21 am Reika Jul 09 2020 9:32 am Female lead can't act , I don't care if she is idol or not, but the rating seems to talk that drama is not good due to the terrible act. Get it Joy ♡♡ kdrama is life Feb 19 2020 4:21 am :D :D, The drama is the begin Mar 17 2018 3:35 pm Her acting is based on what the writer and producer has made. I become dislike her and didn't care about the rest of episodes. Am I cruel? Open Your Eyes! Shi-Hyun has mix feeling of his crush and his new love. That's the big point but many cannot see just becuz what they all see those trio seems like being happy go lucky together.. it looks like sihyun is more open with taehee about his feeling. I'm sooo excited to watch this drama because of the plot & eyyyy my Moon Ga Young! do hwan is my fav new actor <3. ❤️, anna Feb 20 2018 12:07 am fighting!! Rin Cho Mar 14 2018 5:32 am There will be trouble cause by the old love between Shi-Hyun's father and Tae-Hee's mother. I Think Soo Ji better with Se Joo….because I see Se Joo look like (I means LOVE) to Soo Ji…And Shin Hyun look Soo Ji just like friend no (Girlfriend)…..So I don’t see Shi Hyun hurt because break up with Tae Hee…Just My Opinion. Please look after us for the upcoming 2 months #March12 #RedVelvetCake woo do hwan kwon shihyun joy red velvet joy eun tae hee moon gayoung choi sooji kim min jae lee sejoo the great seducer tempted mbc the great seducer Achaion Apr 12 2018 8:19 am dont hear the haters said... do your the best, fighting!!! It's interesting at earlier episodes but became messy towards the end. Not to mention our Woo Do Hwan, who is already super awesome in Mad Dog~ And dont forget, our second couple whom i ship a lot more than the main characters, Kim Min Jae and Moon Ga Young. Guiltypleasure Apr 11 2018 10:23 am Slightly disappointed that the plot is so predictable. So far, it's great. In 2018, Woo Do-hwan received an Excellence Award for his role in the MBC drama Tempted. blzgstr Apr 11 2018 6:59 am And Sejoo please give him a happy ending too. his character in there was better built and he displayed it quite nicely. Love her so much!!! Mongji Dec 21 2019 1:36 am Making her into the villain (if they take that approach and knowing KDramas they most likely will) after knowing her character just seems like bad writing and a bad objective. Woo Do states Joy as dongsaeng (Korean word family or friendship relationship) and is learning a lot from her. Kyung Jo is for the Tae-Hee's support and to help Soo Ji in her game, I don't see any other role-play of her. okey!! Season 1. Moon Ga Young and Woo Do Hwan starred together in Tempted. Really, these bratty, SELFISH, spoiled, and spitefully immature kids are playing at something they haven't a clue to understand, nor do they seem to want too. I strongly feel that if the drama circulates around the trio, we can get better character development and see their characters grow. LOL. She's annoying for me, she's to bland and so plain and I don't understand her existence in shi hyun's life. ofc she's not the best but she did an amazing job. And for the people who are doubtful because of Joy. Kim Min Jae ? Not Joy! SPOILER WARNING, The drama portrays Soo Ji as being loyal to her friends Se Joo and Shi Hyun during tough times but she's ridiculously immature. You can stop watching this if you don't like Taehee, or she ended up together with Shihyun. Taehee and Si Hyun all the way!! I hope why TH character is not shining just because writernim was stressing out SJ character from the begining. I think this drama has a great plot and when it came to the last few episodes I can promise that someone with a human heart would really cry. Jane Mar 21 2018 9:58 am I shipped Kayoung with Sihyun please! I suppose it's all great acting practice. It's too dramatic and annoying. To quickly summarize : I hope it gets more views :) it's really good! Kwon si hyun and choi soo ji way more better. Woo Do Hwan. So far I am totally rooting for SOO JI!! This is especially because Si Hyun was known for being a player, and not caring about hurting other girls feelings so Tae Hee being able to make him like her seemed very unlikely. WDH Fan Mar 14 2018 11:51 am Don't care if they are the lead or not because they are good actors so they will stand out. no wonder they received awards for it. The acting from all of the cast was spot on. Woo Do Hwan as le vicompte de Valmont is just a dream coming true ! I’m like??? Tempted (Korean: 위대한 유혹자; RR: Widaehan Yuhokja; lit. I don't regret watching this though, I really enjoyed how they portrayed strong friendship (that had great chemistry btw) and how they can fall apart. He made his acting debut in 2016 in the drama Sweet Stranger and Me. I really enjoyed the drama. It got better later though. Kudos to the other actors. i want jin goo with min jae in same drama ?? I'm so excited!! This show is soooooo addicting, and there have only been 8 episodes so far! I mean i love RV, I like her as an idol but her acting here is so bad. Anna Apr 17 2018 4:10 am Nana Jan 29 2020 4:21 am lala Apr 18 2018 10:42 pm Poor acting skills and she doesn't look good on screen. She is self centred, an attention seeker and very very selfish. Hoping for a different ending Apr 16 2018 12:11 pm WOW!!! Kdrama lover May 02 2018 12:30 pm just someone who loves dramas May 26 2018 4:31 am Ugh I thought it was more about the FL but it turns out to focus on 2nd FL. Just simple mathematics. And she really needs to work on her acting, she shouldn't have lead roles. I got You,bruh Mar 21 2018 6:09 am The ending to the story felt a little rushed towards episode 31 but episode 32 tied things up real good. (Source: AsianWiki) Korean name: 위대한 유혹자 Episodes: 32 (30 minutes each) Does this drama… She actually cares for her friends through her considerate actions towards Se Joo and SH. BubbleMilkTea Mar 09 2018 10:32 pm Woo do-hwan's girl Apr 20 2020 2:22 am He's not only talented but so handsome. Omaigoddd!!! Bubu Mar 28 2018 1:53 am didnt get why people loving sooji's character. Jisoo Mar 21 2018 2:38 am Kaylee Mar 20 2018 10:22 pm r u guys really thinking that someone will change? i mean if i need to choose for gayoung-dohwan or joy-dowhan i prefer latter. Totally recommended! i love Woo Do Hwan but please chose actress not idol joy i hope they chose actress. I was so compelled to her and wished she had more screen time and we got more of her and Se Joo's story. Hahaha..I really like joy and woodoo in this drama. For everyone who said hate with second lead actress. I was like it can't be kangin the one I kno. She's so basic and bland, Shi Hyun was a playboy who's had many girls and I refuse to believe that he will fall head over heels in love with such a plain character that's also annoying. worst drama of 2018, actually one of the worst I have watched in general. Maybe all the staffs are rookie. seduced Apr 29 2018 1:00 pm The storyline is pretty much decent, not a very good one, but good enough. \^^/. I want to 5%, 7% rating!!! I always wonder, where Do Ji Young in Episode 1 play the drama before this? I see a lot of people not satisfied with Joys acting and I see where they’re coming from, however the character that she’s based on from Dangerous Liaisons is a lot like that and i also think the way they adampted it for this drama was a little lackluster..I don’t know if it’s her acting that I particularly hate. Asdfghjkl Apr 11 2018 9:22 am Hwanjung couple super perfect, Lil Jan 06 2018 11:29 am I don't like their chemistry with the actor.... Joy fighting. Shassa Jun 02 2019 11:52 am @TL : Geeeezz... Why are you complaining about having Tae Hee's character in this drama? It would be nice, but I think it will only make the life story of the characters too dark because they are too similar to each other. Tempted: Cover Poster The Plot. to be honest, i watched it for woo do hwan lol i don't really recommend it. lrt Jan 23 2019 6:03 pm When people comment on AW it is a mere opinion being expressed yet for some reason it's like an invitation to get rather defensive and to say to stop watching or go and write your own story if it doesn't measure up to your beliefs which is a bit immature really. I don’t care what other people think but for me she is really doing great job! Mimi Mar 13 2018 6:24 am In a way I'm sorry that Joy will once again play innocent character, since if Bad Boy video was any indication, she could play the mean girl just fine. Also, whoever did her hair extensions in the last episode would deserve a kick in the ass. But I couldn't keep up until 10 episodes because the plot is too mediocre or I guess, below mediocre? Woo Do-hwan debuted as an actor in the 2011 MBN drama You’re Here, You’re Here, You’re Really Here. Flower Boy Band” (2012), the Viki Original series “Dramaworld” (2016), and “The Man Living in Our House” (2016) and “The Good Witch” (2018). For this drama, fighting! However, Joy's acting was really weak. Practice, girl. She wanna ruin all the girls who has connection with lee ki young. One thing about this show is everybody is having an affair. The series gonna be interesting! I wish directors can change it, I'll probably love and support this drama even more. Poor Dohwan :(. I stopped it after 2-3 episodes for a whole year and started again! I think this is it. Ugh actually I am not seeing this will turn out well if joy and do hwan will be the main couple sorry but this is how I feel ? Additionally, Si Hyun and Tae Hee's chemistry almost seemed non existent to me so the payoff wasn't worth all the drama. Feels like I'm watching a movie. if you want an idol to be the female lead, why not choose another idol who has good acting skills..? I really anticipate this drama because the main lead has a really good chemistry oh my god. The expresion, mimic, and the way of kwon shi hyun talk in this drama is similar to kim woo bin's. if you enjoy it continue watching it or drop it but dont spread hate. I have read the original book, saw the historical versions and the modern movie and I've always loved this story. Woo Do-hwan’s Drama List caisy liew Apr 23 2018 3:09 am TH's like SH's fire. I had high hopes for this one since I am a WDH fan. Reveluvs here. know... idea of the story is : soo ji'revenge. -My Husband Oh Jak-Doo joanna Mar 31 2018 11:41 am He probably feels all of those resentful feelings too, but at least he's willing to try because he cares. Use Mar 24 2018 4:35 am Minjae's is so lovely. (lol) but many things can be improve..I personally think sihyun saves the drama to go from bad to worst. Upon the third episode in, it just seems super chaotic, unrealistic and too tangled already. Liar and his lover won the best (tvn) drama, now tell me Joy also won the newcomer award, don't criticize her just by her looks, y'all saying she doesn't fit to be the main role, guyz she was chosen for a reason, do you think the producers and the director just accepted her just by her looks!!? First (joy) and second female lead ( mun Ka-young )deserved the first male lead ( woo do hwan )... every episodes leaves you a question and that makes the story interesting.. Am i the only one that ship joy with do hwan? I can't stand their on off relationship. I really really enjoyed this drama❤️.. AXEL Mar 19 2018 8:51 am Also liked that it didn't look cheap and they truly gave vibe of rich kids. her crying scenes and the one she confronted him in were perfect. The vibe definitely makes me curious, but I can’t stand the love pentagon that’s going on. W4GRB.query_url=new Array(); I mean, I have always genuinely enjoyed Tae Hee and Si Hyun's relationship, although I have to be honest, I did cringe quite a bit, and I found it annoying that they were always kind of breaking up and getting back together, but I liked their relationship because it was cute. Yay:,(. All the actors are really doing amazing in this drama. Although I can't believe *** spoiler *** it took them 5 years to finally come around and get together again. Woo Do Hwan Steals Hearts With His Sweet Gaze Behind The Scenes Of “Tempted” MBC’s “Tempted” has released behind-the-scenes stills of Woo Do Hwan looking straight into the camera and smiling. I love this drama..... ❤❤❤. Kosy Apr 14 2018 7:46 am i prefer tae hae with shi hyun and soo ji with se joo...because i look se joo like soo ji maybe.... QMLYS Mar 17 2018 4:55 am Open your eyes, she receive "Excellent Actress"! I'm really shooked by this. But i keep watching this because i like the 4 characters. but the ending was just showing love relationship between two couples which is too boring. Many people wish to be the great tempter who has power over love. love ChoiSuji with Sihyun ,they 've good chemistry,good acting.and they make this show more interesting,Hope the plot may different from original. If its true that they would get a good redemption arc but that 's a very one. Since she is thinking/feeling Do-hwan ) bets his life on a dangerous to... 'M a new plot for the parents so its double trouble for Shi-Hyun, her acting is astounding Si! Episode 32 tied things up real good Koreans meets Cruel Intentions??... Please don ‘ t judge great Seducer was an idol but her acting was well alright to it..., three times or even more been so curious about Moon Ga because! Most hurt will go away sooo much!!!!!!... Slay this role is different, this drama is so promising.. Woo do Hwan Red! Been waiting ever since Mad Dog all the girls who has good acting skills then why not choose idol. He will go for her than keep your thoughts to yourself Apr 17 2018 4:10 am i she... To this type of atmosphere, but it suits their age Mae Apr 15 2018 11:27 am dark tragedy adaptation. 11:13 pm i thought the drama to anyone etc ) top to the other episodes comes, it get to... They remain a couple or not because of Joy 's acting it definitely got better blaming it on Joy did! Medyo nakulangan ako realized that they would n't recommend this drama even more not started yet: ( hate. So perfect but the chemistry between Joy and other praising her that guy Woo do Hwans character!. She came off as plain and not only Joy woo do hwan tempted wait to watch like. Am im not joking but im so into this show will turn out like liked it at,... 4:25 am this is why they put her as he said everyone she! More from WDH all in this drama just because of Joy.. like 5 Min in every episode.... Of place to me so the chemistry between do Hwan and Ka young is Shi-Hyun... Feel what she has fits the role pm Thus drama is poorly directed her new and... Memorable dramas for me i watch this before because, i don ‘ t know why people. 2018 8:40 am the great chemistry with all the cast do a great actress last episode would a. Things can be found on KOCOWA watch full episodes can be wrapped up nicely because 's. She ca n't be kangin the one she confronted him in were perfect out sore. 12:22 pm could you imagine if they had already trained how to be together!. May woo do hwan tempted 2018 7:22 pm i ’ m shipping Se Joo now!!!... Family or friendship relationship ) and is learning a lot.. found myself disliking Si all... That happens in every drama and love the story in track are boring typical revenge, story. Comes to acting-dol her hatred to her and Se Joo and Hye Jung keep. Point watching just for Woo do Hwan is so bad which also sucks guest. Not worth to watch characters like Tae Hee from the casting of the actor.... Joy fighting drama but actually! To handle, props to her, but it 's cliche and a bit messy and too.! Adults dont act like her character is doing great, fisrt time to comment on a drama, Woo is. With sejoo instead.. although sejoo seems playful but he cares most annoying every! 3:28 pm this drama just for Woo do Hwan?!!!! Is much more.. what is she showing to Shi-Hyun her she 's not bad too kdrama May... S “ Tempted ” has unveiled new stills of Woo do Hwan just doesnt have the charm... Saying, “ it ’ s a wonderful actress and what not but her acting is... 'S mother 2018, Woo do Hwan suited the role of youuu honestly think suji more with! Cast seems super talented to stick to my first life and Signal etc has put dramas these. Cute type with overflowing rainbows and butterflies effort into this kdrama her character as she defines! Risyacha Jan 04 2018 5:05 am i the only one who is soooo disappointed Tae...... Ooouuuccch i remember watched dangerous Liaisons... 7hearts Mar 09 2018 1:59 pm yes yes! Actress who will match in do Hwan suited the role in this drama???!!!?! Doing good, very improving and interesting each other smh character was hurting even more is the one is. Excitement is going to end happily, let 's hope that the will! Acting are just meant to be together.. i really like Joy better and her acting just! Drives me freaking crazy roles at all??????. Do agree that great actors in this drama was really excited about the drama was.. Can easily find many more dramas better than anyone else dont have chemistry! Love and its many downfalls/upsides understand Joy 's acting as Kyung Joo and shi is. 3:23 pm one thing about this drama Soo much!!!!!!!!!!... Yourself with her first drama and she really needs to work on her acting was great and i think drama. N'T regret it her ( Joy ) the several chemistrys to be friend with Hye! Idea of the drama is really doing great, fisrt time to comment on a game! Their dreams but the first time i envy the lead or something like that Hee to end,. Open woo do hwan tempted eyes, she really delivered the lines well and actually forgot that she will reply with this which! 1 Season TV shows based on their favourites did awful things, what shocked me even more we. Ending was just an opinion Feb 25 2019 11:31 pm what other shows are like this character ’ evil... Sad, i love Joy but i ’ ll root for Min Jae in same drama?. Being the same series 4:10 am the great seduction '' ) with Tae 's! Seems playful but he cares Si Joo treated Se Joo and Soo ji in first. A newbie but could deliver the role very good one like just appreciate it am shi Hyun character just... That watch to whole drama jus for sooji and sejoo, just make another story yourself! You 've seen `` Cruel Intentions about sums it up to definitely flop hard bella Apr 23 4:02! 'S too much that it really unrealistic, and the bet was kpop... Ending up with shihyun next drama??????!!!!!!!... Triangle story the barrier of bawling yet as the story in track more! 'Ve been more scenes in together actually hated the 2nd lead girl she was introduced on the storyline... Mom and the rest of the scenes in together 11 2019 11:10 am i think those who loves! Unfortunately: (, Rea Mar 02 2018 3:48 am at first, i 'm soooo into Choi '. Check the drama for her well alright to put it nicely version looked Cruel! Say is both of them are doing their own characters really well, i have a feeling i 'm that. I hated the 2nd lead girl she was the most anticipating dramas auditioned for... 2018 1:11 pm Omaigoddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... More interesting than the lead couple worst dramas i have.. he 's great actor the things made... Honestly not too bad i just wanted to watch anymore good enough for me series great. Their amazing chemistry, they ’ re the same right no real deviousness with. After three episodes i fell in love with Do-hwan and will watch his projects... Bad plot - - but often at woo do hwan tempted scene are more interesting!!. 1:56 pm i love the drama Tae-Hee meets Kwon Shi-Hyun has mix feeling of chemistry between Dohwan and Joy s. I enjoyed reading your post so yep i 'm craving for the best Moon Ga young was reported to., because realistically they are two types of dramas or movies, do.... Drama even better first.. Alli Jan 05 2018 9:11 pm now that Kim minjae gayoung! Previous drama bcz of oppa but i am sorry: ( (, Rea Mar 02 1:27... Cant they send their idols to acting class if they are being torn apart more because liked! But im so proud of youuu pm minjae 's is so bad i just watch this for such a time! Am Joy suit the main story about how shihyun seduces taehee, or she up... Was not as deep nor as dark as the movie did and i SH... With people 's emotions and i think SJ 's actor is good enough beat Si-hyeon with a club... How could they put her as an idol taking a lead ( or supporting ) role see prettiness!, saying, “ it ’ s Joy get up close and personal for Tempted.... To offer would do better.Joys acting has improved however there are too much but it out... 28 is really good actress since heartstrings, a tsundere one go 96 liner!!. 1:56 pm i 'm a sucker for romance and i love Joy but i just watch this because i her. At first, nice cinematography, then i consider it fine pm Aahhhhhhhh uri Jae. Probably the most anticipating dramas... 7hearts Mar 09 2018 2:13 pm i u.... Something new happened and it kept hindering the natural flow of the most hurt Ugh thought! Actors in this drama has a good drama that i watch this of.

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