away.) According to David Tennant's video diary, the working title was "Theatre of Doom," which I guess riffs on the second Indiana Jones film, rather than 2006's then-culturally-relevant The Da Vinci Code . he wrote that. SHAKESPEARE: Started raving about witches, hearing voices, babbling. We travelled in time. I think that's my cue! You don't rush a genius. The three rush LILITH: Behold, Doctor. Should this article be moved to The Shakespeare Code (Doctor Who) and have the current page become a disambiguation page? DOOMFINGER: He knows us. A young man playing a lute and serenading Observe. Mother Doomfinger? SHAKESPEARE: The Doctor may never kiss you. I'm not sure about this though. Do people shout that? Yes, the film. Carrionite was in the room? SHAKESPEARE: What's wrong with that? (She stabs the doll with a pin.) Dah! DOCTOR: Her heart gave out. I've only got one heart Opening Theme (Series 3) 3. Now, on the back, on the DOCTOR: Not, not quite yet. You never know, the Queen might turn up. Co-radiating crystal, activate! But too soon. I mean, there's only one bed. DOCTOR: Well, they do now. DOCTOR: Well, give it back. Oh, that's quite good. And please don't ask where I The architect! Words that last forever. Will Kemp improvises an excellent triple-meaning couplet: if "Will" refers to Shakespeare, it's him dismissing the warning as drunken ramblings. dribbled down it.) Recap: Doctor Who "The Shakespeare Code" Now that's a 2007 episode title if ever I saw one! Well, that goes for most of his stuff. SHAKESPEARE: I like that. DOCTOR: Fourteen. stop your frantic hearts. I mean, can we move around and stuff? Dravidian shores (Lilith gets a sudden headache.) Because of poor lighting, among other things, in this time period, plays were performed during the day. The architecture of Bedlam Asylum is about 100 years out of date. SHAKESPEARE: But what words? ... "The Shakespeare Code" is not an exceptional episode of what is an exceptional series, but still retains much of … (Lilith snatches the broom, and Dolly screams. The mind of a genius will DOCTOR: (pokes his head around door) Oh, just shift! You can change people's minds just with words in this place. If I can just know you. Lilith and her mothers DOCTOR: Oh, yes. No, sorry. They'll put on a good show for That's time travel (Laughter.) DOCTOR: Genius. WIGGINS: (sings) Her face was like a winter's moon that lights the Stand on this stage, say the right words with the right emphasis a the It wasn't until much later that performances became a night-time affair. DOOMFINGER: None on Earth has knowledge of us. (Lynley staggers back in, spewing copious amounts Original Airdate: 7 Apr, 2007. SHAKESPEARE: Is that a promise, Doctor? The only man clever enough to do it. I think that was it. The one where the Queen wants the Doctor's head. (He pulls Martha back as a man empties his slop bucket from an upstairs 5. A friend of mine, Rose. WIGGINS: Oh, yes. DOOMFINGER: Too many words. This performance must end immediately. SHAKESPEARE: I've just got the final scene to go. Funny thing is, I don't actually remember writing them. No, going to be all right. for you. They used you. them the truth, they'll panic and think it was witchcraft. At Martha's instigation, Shakespeare comes out after the play to address the audience. But what could have And as for you, Sir Doctor. As if. imbalance of the humours. Improvise. Too soon. a woman who is leaning out of an upstairs Labours Won over and done with. They interview the architect who designed the Globe — fourteen sides, like fourteen lines in a sonnet — and realise the plan: the performance of Love's Labour's Won will be a spell to allow the witches to take over Earth. DOCTOR: And how did you escape? SHAKESPEARE: Tomorrow morning, first thing, I'll send it round. I promised you SHAKESPEARE: And I say, a heart for a hart and a dear for a deer. MARTHA: Who? (The Tardis is still bucking, and Martha is hanging then he smelt of something new. Make that witch house. yeah. MARTHA: I didn't know. And you? To be or not to be. (And the crowd take up the chant.) fright, and they were both connected to you. fleeting Earth will perish! DOCTOR: Love's Labours Won. Speed the words to writer's get my ideas from. KEMPE: I think we should never speak of this again, else we'll end up (As You Like It, written around 1599.) SHAKESPEARE: I know what you're all saying. DOCTOR: Are you planning to? We can It's just silly. (Season 3, Episode 2) He's as much of a puzzle to you (Laughter and applause. I have none ready! SHAKESPEARE: How am I supposed to do that? hand. Doctor Who and related If I can find the right one. (A storm rages over the building. him.) BURBAGE: Dravidian shores linear five nine three oh one six. (Bishopsgate, near the city wall. (Lynley collapses.) CARRIONITES: Now begins the millennium of blood! DOCTOR: Peter, I'm the Doctor. Shakespeare: I'm not. DOCTOR: What's wrong with him? Who let you in? Streete.) WOMAN [OC]: Help me! Excuse me, not interrupting, am I? DOCTOR: No, the novelisation. They both crawl in, their faces very close... and the Doctor tells her that there's something he's... missing. leap out of bed and run to the room. MARTHA: So, who's going where? A month after finishing this Oh my God, am I going to fade? What makes it go? DOCTOR: You're William Shakespeare! SHAKESPEARE: Poor Lynley. Forgive ; This also wouldn’t be the last time he visited Shakespeare at the Globe. Martha is concerned about stepping on a butterfly or encountering old-timey racism, but the Doctor shrugs these off. holding a quill in its hand.) MARTHA: What did you do? Nice word. LILITH: Yes, ma'am. Oh, my head. We open in extremely Elizabethan London, where a young man courts a damsel via period song. (Lilith pulls some hairs from his head.) There are some nasty squishy sounds, then Lilith speaks (At The Elephant, a courtyard tavern like the dawn of the universe. SHAKESPEARE: And you, Sir Doctor. Angry English Birds Doctor Who Cheat Code. (The Doctor touches Streete's shoulder and he raises his head, LYNLEY: I'm returning to my office for a banning order. DOCTOR: Rage, rage against the dying of the light. staring.). LILITH: I'll take that to aid my flight and you shall speak no more Of course, the Jon Pertwee Doctor could probably have popped forward to 2007 and simply bought Jo Grant a DVD player and a box set of Are You Being Served?… if only the writers at the time knew that. But I've done nothing. Sell it when we get home and make a mint. DOCTOR: Oh, let's take the fun and mystery out of everything. (Doomfinger puts her hand on Streete's chest, and he dies.) is from the future. didn't end in 1599. In the climax, when the void opens and the Carrionites are being released, the same preacher is seen screaming with almost glee-like tones, "I TOLD THEE SO! It begins! It's called book 7 simply because the book's title of, The witches are finally destroyed with a shout of "Expelliarmus!" Love's Labours Won 9. And those are men dressed as women, yeah? that happened in this year since happened to somebody else. Doctor Who - S 3 E 2 - The Shakespeare Code. MARTHA: But how? SHAKESPEARE: Such unusual clothes. SHAKESPEARE: I hit my head. You choose perfect words. Back to when everything was fine and shining. There we go. When are we? Good point. Or was he kidding? table.) Now will they find Love's Labour's Won? LILITH: Oh, your kiss transformed me. His lungs are full of water. me. Sit right down here next to me. (reads) The light of Still, can't wait to find out. That's it! Mister Lynley, come on. me right again. MARTHA: Well, how am I supposed to know? DOCTOR: Peter? That's what you do, It's curious. A Queen of Afric? Shadmock's hollow moon doth shine onto a point in space betwixt Martha, let me say going to hear him speak. and you've written about witches. Loves Labour's Won? doll.) I mean, witches, black magic and all by Southwark, right next to SHAKESPEARE: My lost masterpiece. It's marvellous. It's all a little bit Jones. Give me a break. No, there's something I'm missing, DOCTOR: Well, if you're looking for volunteers. LILITH: Oh, I think Death has been waiting for you a very long time. Let your the landing. handsome shape. Fear of this place set DOCTOR: You and the entire future of the human race. constant performance of yours. work was done they snapped poor Peter's wits. KEMPE: What was that? After you. DOCTOR: Stop the play. The Doctor feeding Shakespeare his own lines. The Doctor says he's the last Time Lord, but there's also his faithful companion, Eleanora, another Time Lord who's more than a little impossible. eaves, scruffy urchins running MARTHA: You could write it up again. MARTHA: And why are you telling them that? MARTHA: Oh, don't complain. Words and shapes following the same Witches of England 2. LILITH: The Eternals found the right word to banish us into deep butterflies ever done to you? LILITH: Shush. just come, don't they, like magic. It's The reverse joke: the Queen turns up, sees the Doctor, and yells "My sworn enemy. London, 1599 4. Marty McFly goes back and one, which he starts to recite to her). Watch fullscreen. Oh, I hate starting from I told thee! SHAKESPEARE: Our builder. In the night, they (Bloodtide is holding a large glass ball in an ornate holder, and shows (A wind fills the theatre.) constable and have him taken away. can split the atom. SHAKESPEARE: Wait! DOCTOR: Now, that's one form of magic that's definitely not going to The LILITH: Who is this Doctor? Meanwhile, the witch has crept in at night in order to plant some words in Shakespeare's script, just in time for the landlady to walk in on her. MARTHA: I've only just met you. Tongues will wag. SHAKESPEARE: Then give me a joke from Freedonia. (Lilith holds the crystal out into the red light and bat-like creatures I might use that. 1963, Present. (A red glow hangs over the Globe.) She's turned up! A sonnet for my Dark Lady. He hits on Martha but blows it by constantly referencing her race. (The Doctor produces one from a pocket.) Streete would know. They are interrupted, though, by Queen Elizabeth I, who showed up to congratulate Shakespeare on his excellent special effects. KEEPER: They can be dangerous, my lord. MARTHA: Great. (Lilith flies out of the window backwards. MARTHA: Never mind what, just run! "It's political correctness gone mad", mutters the Doctor. Look over there. It's blank. Is Shakespeare in there? This clue, along with the murder of the Master of the Revels, leads the Doctor and Martha to Bedlam, the insane asylum, note also known as Bethlem Royal Hospital with Shakespeare tagging along. are inside, scratching to get at him. Something really close, staring me right in the face and I Though you are a (She pulls the doll's head off.). Drink up. panic and run, but the witches slam the doors shut to stop them. BLOODTIDE: The wordsmith. The Doctor, of course, has no discernible name. DOCTOR: Well, I was just going to give you a quick little trip in the DOCTOR: Anyway, time we were off. design. Patience. LILITH: Fear not. Shakespeare: I like that! Magic words for the I've only just started Shakespeare breathes it in and collapses onto his papers. Madness enough to allow us entrance. Hit me! A suitor should meet his changes history. MARTHA: Mad in what way? at him like you're surprised he exists. (A man's scream comes from the street, then a woman's. Meanwhile, the Doctor goes up Charmed Will 6. That's God's business. companions.) Globe! Within the episode, "I might use that!" hear me? Under threat of annihilation from a species from the Dark Times, the TARDIS team have to establish whether there is a connection between a witch they've met and Shakespeare's Love's Labour's Won— a pl… upper boxes. (The Carrionites are sucked into a tornado, along with all the extant Doctor Who: "The Shakespeare Code" Review. DOCTOR: Global warming. Er. LILITH: The deep darkness! They come! The Doctor, knowing that this play is a Missing Episode, realizes something is afoot. It's a weapon. Harry Potter. (A short while later, everyone is filing out of the theatre.) There it is. (A sour-faced old woman stands up behind Wiggins.) DOCTOR: Creature, I name you Carrionite! Search. They whispered. I don't even know what it means. in 1599 if we don't stop it. KEMPE: Will, you'll never believe it. DOCTOR: That's incredible. Martha and Shakespeare.) you can have that. lodgings house to sink the Spanish. (The actors are visible in the cauldron.) answers tomorrow, Doctor, and I'll discover more about you and why this In the end, Martha is revealed to be the Dark Lady, the unknown (and speculated to be imaginary) African woman to whom Shakespeare wrote several sonnets (not including, however, the Shall I compare thee to a summer's day? What did I do wrong? It's out of season to be heavy disposed. DOOMFINGER: There is naught can stop us now. Sir Doctor, Martha Jones. Copy it, hand it round, BURBAGE: The eye should have contentment where it rests. DOCTOR: It's political correctness gone mad. Shakespeare likes it, and quickly realises it is his own work. Yeah, Popular Now get out! (A man shovels horse manure into a bucket.) It's not hard to work out. floor.) Next morning -) ", "I'll take that to aid my flight, and you shall speak no more this night. this land of Freedonia where a woman can be a doctor? Am I all right? Sorry, there's not much room. He must have been dozing off when back. (She strokes his hair.) Through, WIGGINS: Oh, I would. BLOODTIDE: Love's Labours Won must be performed. MARTHA: That would be bad. Shakespeare reveals to him that he ponders his own existence. It's just campy. How do you people cope? MARTHA: I'm not an expert, but I've never heard of Loves Labour's Won. SHAKESPEARE: You mean travel on through time and space. One year ago. Good luck, Doctor. Martha. If "Will" refers to Kemp, it's a mock-apology for his own silliness (emphasized with a goofy caper). respective holders. Always fourteen. DOCTOR: Tell you what then, don't step on any butterflies. DOLLY: Here you go, Will. off as a slave, am I? Left a bit. MARTHA: I don't get it. Globe as an energy converter! DOCTOR: That's it. Shakespeare was born in 1564. Said it carried the sound well. SHAKESPEARE: Me? Can I talk to him? DOCTOR: Oh, big mistake. module. Tomorrow night. The premiere of my brand new play. DOOMFINGER: A spirit stirs the ether. SHAKESPEARE: You're accusing me? Are you going to DOCTOR: I should be on ten percent. MARTHA: That's amazing! MARTHA: What did you say? How's your head? MARTHA: What about the play? Rose'd know. DOCTOR: London never changes. labours lost. MARTHA: I think we should say goodnight. MARTHA: Where are we? Was it the finger? MARTHA: So this is what you call a hospital, yeah? The Doctor riffs on the parallels between London then and now, including realizing a crazy doomsayer to "Global Warming". channel it like that. Perhaps it's time I wrote Hold on, mister. out.) (Doomfinger is gasping for breath.) Peter, tell DOCTOR: All the world's a stage. Men to Carrionites are nothing but puppets. All these years I've been the cleverest man DOCTOR: Oh. DOCTOR: Well, that's just cheating. Round about 1599. DOCTOR: Expelliarmus! fades away. But they're too late! Sorry about that. Fourteen! (Dylan Thomas.) MARTHA: Whoa, Nelly. That's a surprise. The time approaches for our The web pages on this site are for educational and Name one of the witch mothers : What was the name of the architect who designed the Globe? Because that name keeps me fighting. Why would a man hide his title in such despair? I'm coming with you. SHAKESPEARE: Peter Streete spoke of witches. BURBAGE: Will! believing in time travel. LILITH: Wind the craft of ancient harm. (The three witches stand around their cauldron.) Not without a generator the size of Taunton and I (Dolly has collapsed. They're never as good as the original. DOCTOR: You lost your son. (Martha is holding a candle.) Globe! BLOODTIDE: Patience, my sisters. doting Doctor tells me I am not! It says morning. You must away to the Globe. MARTHA: No, but I saw a witch, big as you like, flying, cackling away, MARTHA: Er, verily, forsooth, egads. Now be a good boy and shove ELIZABETH: My sworn enemy. (The Keeper of the Hospital walks on down the corridor with cells on traveller's way. exactly the right thing. will? Freedonia 7. Go into the past. SHAKESPEARE: Dolly Bailey, you've saved my life. SHAKESPEARE: But these Carrionite phrases, the need such precision. DOCTOR: The columns there, right? I know how to do this. All other copyrights property of their Who are you exactly? Given the right string of numbers, the right equation, you Fascinating. whispered. It suits you. But the play tonight shall restore the rest. Tell you what, though. MARTHA: Who's Peter Streete? (Martha wakes slowly.) When Shakespeare flirts with him, the Doctor's line about "57 academics" doesn't refer to a number of people, but to the Bard's Sonnet 57, which several Shakespeare scholars have interpreted as homoerotic. DOLLY: Yes, sir. Love's Labours Won. Gareth Jones will be writing an episode of the fourth series. Martha goes to the window and sees an archetypal Why wait we on plague in this place when we all ran like rats. Still, can't be helped. It was broadcast on BBC One on 7 April 2007, and is the second episode of Series 3 of the revived Doctor Who series. applause.) MARTHA: Expelliarmus! Shakespeare appeared in a 1965 episode of Doctor Who called "The Chase". wants us to perform it again. unlock the tide of blood. out to investigate.) LILITH: What is this? We're going the wrong way! LILITH: That stranger. on to the console.) DOCTOR: Peter? Think, think, think! (She tugs a string and Shakespeare jerks upright again, then writes Fourteen lines, fourteen sides, fourteen facets. He drowned and then, I 1600.) SHAKESPEARE: Oh, it's all so different in Freedonia. At the beginning of the episode, the Doctor himself accuses Martha of this when she asks how the TARDIS can fly. SHAKESPEARE: Psychic? It's like Back to the Future. Log in. Whatever you do, stop that play. WIGGINS: (sings) Her face was like a winter's moon that lights the traveller's way. suddenly clutches his throat and sways.). Fourteen. BURBAGE: The ladies have prepared a show. You should know. SHAKESPEARE: Oops. Er, long story. SHAKESPEARE: Interesting, that bit of paper. I TOLD THEE!". The Shakespeare Code Doctor Who encounters William Shakespeare when they travel back in time. SHAKESPEARE: You've got excellent taste, I'll give you that. DOCTOR: The Carrionites disappeared way back at the They don't succeed. I still found it to be one of the more enjoyable trips to the past. So the witch kills her. SHAKESPEARE: Hmm. She SHAKESPEARE: Bethlem Hospital. So many strange events. Billie Piper has just moved on to greener pastures, and we’ve swapped out our first companion. MARTHA: What if, I don't know, what if I kill my grandfather? As Master of the Revels, every new script must be registered at my The (Lilith leaves quietly.) Chant with me. (Hamlet hadn't been written yet.) me, this is foul. Us two DOCTOR: Well, then. Hold hard a moment. SHAKESPEARE: Witch! MARTHA: And this is London? DOCTOR: Oh, it'll do. MARTHA: Oh, you are kidding me. MARTHA: It's like your police box. Doom the Doctor.

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